E260 4GB and video

My grandson has been using his Sansa E 260 4 GB for quite a long time. He now has told me that this Sansa can also have videos installed.

Would anyone know how he could do that?

We have an Installation CD 1.3.

I notice there is a folder on his computer (In Explorer = C:/Programs /) titled:

And Folder titled = “SanDisk” and a folder within that titled = “Sansa Updater.” The programs in that folder are:

Several DL files; SansaDispatch.exe; and Sansaupdater.exe.

Don’t know if these relate to his Sansa E260.

(I don’t see a Sansa program in the Start/All Programs. I do see “Sansa Updater” in the Add/Remove section.)

Is there any way he can transfer a few of his videos onto his Sansa 260?

Thank you,.


I tried to contact Sansa support, but there Support site does not appear to be running.

Ah, simple (but a wee bit roundabout) solution for you.

You will need the Sansa Updater and the Sansa e200 as a pair to download the Sansa Media Converter.  This application used to be readily available, but royalties (believe me, video is a minefield of royalties and codecs) made the download procedure different.

With the e200 plugged in, open the Sansa Updater on your PC.  Start > Programs > SanDisk > Sansa Updater.

Let it search for a moment for updates.  Then check on the box for the Sansa Media Converter application to download, and select Update.

One important question!  When you turn on the Sansa e260, do you see a blue sansa logo below the SanDisk logo?  If so, you have a v2 device, and there are several media converters available here that work very well.

Download the SMC as listed above.  You can check the Sansa Media Converter forumtoo for further instructions.

Should you run into any issues, please let us know, and we can guide you along.  Let me know about the “splash screen” when you power up the player as well, as this gives us more options.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

****   Can anyone supply an answer to this messasge please?  ****  


Thank you

I think I did everything correctly.

I did try to convert a MPG file, but it wouldn't 'take.' I tried to convert an AVI video and that went through, but at the end of the convert, I got a pop-up saying something to the effect: "SanMedia Converter.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close....etc....." And then the Converter closed. What caused this and how can I correct?

The entire video did transfer to the E260.

Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by: "SplashScreen." (I am senior citizen and quite new to all of this.)

When I turn on the E260 I see a white SanDisk in middle of screen and then it goes to the next screen with Videos, Music, Settings, etc. When I click on the Settings/Info, I see:  Version 0102.24A and then Memory/Free, etc.


Alice (for grandson Bobby)



#1- Is there any way to stop the auto-check for updates when we open SMC?

#2- I notice a file name: Sansa Media Converter, in Folder -"C:\documents and Settings \ Owner\ Application Data\ SanDisk\ Sansa Updater"  and the size is 104,437KB, which is quite large for this notebook. Can this file be deleted? Or must it remain?

#3- When I plug in the E260 to my computer, I get the following "Windows No Disk / Exception Processing....etc." See below image:






I just click cancel on both pop-ups.

#4- When I plug in the E260 I thought the SMC is supposed to open automatically. That is not happening. Anyway to change so it does.


#5- Is there a Program installed by Sansa called: "geckofx?" I am getting a lot of AVG Resident Shield pop-up Warnings for Tracking Cookies regarding "geckofx." I believe these are all since we installed Sansa on grandson's computer. They are marked "potentially dangerous object." Add-on: Just checked and there is a "Geckofx" folder in my C:\documnets & settings\owner\local settings\application data.

Is this Feckofx folder put there by Sansa? If so, can it be deleted? I don't like these Tracking Cookies!

Can you advise please?






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