Sansa e260 - SMC converts MP4 - audio-video OUT OF SYNC

Hi all,


Using Nero Recode Main Movie to Nero Digital, I converted a DVD to MPEG-4.  It may be irrelevant, but also I selected “Portable” profile for sizes up to 352 x 288. 


According to the Sansa e200 MP3 Player User’s Manual, Loading Photos and Video, the Sansa Media Converter supports MPEG-4 in AVI format. 


The Nero Digital process produced a single .mp4 file, but I do not know if it is in AVI format.  That being said, using Sansa Media Converter (SMC) build 4.256, I converted the Nero Digital .mp4 file to my Sansa e260 v1 player. 


The process appeared to run smoothly, but did take time.  Too much?  I can’t say because this was my first time using SMC to convert a video file to my e260, but it did produce four .mov files in the Sansa e260 VIDEO folder.


The .mov video starts fine, unfortunately, within 10 minutes video begins lagging behind audio.

- after 15 minutes video lags audio by over a second. 

- after 20 minutes, video lags audio by close to 2 seconds. 

- I stop watching after 20 minutes because I wanted to check the .mp4 source file. 


I checked the source file by playing it with Nero ShowTime and there were no audio-video sync problems.  In fact, I watched the whole movie, and there were no audio-video sync problems.  In short, it was a perfectly compressed .mp4 movie.   Therefore, I can only conclude that the SMC coversion process was faulty.


I should mention that I have used SMC build 4.256 to covert photo to my e260 with no problems. 


Any thoughts?  Have others had similar audio-video sync problems using SMC with their Sansa e200 series players?



Preferred VBR Encoder: LAME LameEnc DLL v1.32 Engine 3.98
Preferred CBC Encoder: Fraunhofer L3 Codec Professional, v3.4.0.0
Preferred GUI programs: Audiograbber 1.83 & jetAudio Basic

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