SMC slow?

I’m currently converting an 88MB MP4 video with SMC.  After about 10 minutes, it’s only done 5%.  This seems amazingly slow to me.

I did pick my Sansa Connect’s microSD card as the destination for the converted video.  Does anyone know whether it writes the video to the destination as it’s converting the video, or does it store it to disk and then copy it when the conversion is done?

I don’t see any temporary file either on the microSD card or in My Documents\Sansa Media Converter.  It’s almost as if the conversion is being done in memory.

I believe it stores to your computer first while it converts, then once converted and moved to the writing process, begins to move the file from the compressed file on your computer to the mp3 player

Turns out it was just bad progress bar updating.  At some point the status leaped forward, and it was done soon after.

But then the resulting file had some kind of corruption … I’d get an audio track but the video was all blocky and scrambled.  :-/

If you think SMC is slow, Rockbox is better for video on the Sansas.

Except that Rockbox hasn’t been ported to the Sansa Connect.

Oops, my mistake, forgot that they added video to Connect.

Ya, SMC is slow… I believe the connect videos are mp4… you could try to use the Any video converter and see if that works… I’m not sure if it does, (works for the view), and it’s a heck of a lot faster than SMC… if it works :wink: