Sansa e250- Firmware update failed

Hey guys,

Last night I did a manuel Firmwareupdate on my Sansa e250, it failed. Now my player doesn’t work anymore. I can’t even start the recovery mode. What to do? Any ideas?

It happend nothing.

Give more info. What does “it failed” mean? And which firmware were you upgrading to? And how? What do you mean by “doesn’t work”. Basically, give enough info for someone to guess whats wrong.

Also, how did you update the firmware? It would also help if you can tell us which tutorial you followed so we could back track.

I’m having a problem trying to update the firmware in my sansa e250…   I’m using the sansa updater for windows 7

Current Firmware version: 1.02.24   trying to update to version: 1.02.165   I get this message:  failed to download selected file, please try agian later…

  1. Don’t use the Updater.

  2. You apparently have a v1 e200 series player. The latest firmware for that model is 1.02.24. You already have that.

  3. 1.02.65 firmware is for the Rhapsody or “R” variation of this player. Unless you have an R player, this firmware won’t work.