E250 wont store songs or update firmware

Hi all,
when i try to add songs into the music folder on my e250 they simply wont come up on the player after, even though i’ve ‘safely’ removed hardware using the windows icon in the bottom right.
To resolve this i’ve installed the sansa firmware update application, each time i plug the device in it tells me a new firmware is available (i’m on v1.00.15P at the moment), it downloads the firmware then tells me to unplug my player to complete the install, however when i do it doesn’t update the firmware?? any help would be appreciated

Try connecting the player in recovery mode and then run the updater.  To connect in recovery mode, turn on the hold switch and connect to your PC while holding Record.  If that doesn’t work, you may need to contact the Sansa Tech Monkeys for manual update files, since you have the 1.00.15P firmware.

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That firmware you have, is that some pacific firmware or something? Because I have 18A on my player.

I’ll try that out, current firmware is pacific rim (i’m in australia)
update soon

ooh Australia. I want to go there someday :smiley: