Firmware Updater for E250

Okay, I’m new to this and maybe I’m just not getting it.  I downloaded the firmware updater for my E250.  I execute it and it tells me to Power off my Sansa, and slide the lock and plug it in.  When I do that it comes up with “Key LOCKED” on the screen and then says “System shutdown” and powers off.  And my update button remains greyed out.

What am I doing wrong?


There is a hold switch on top of the player.

That was what I meant by slide the lock.  As instructed I slid the hold switch to the right exposing the orange. 

Sorry for not being clear.  Thanks.

it needs to be gray not orange.

Okay, we might be getting closer.  It powers up and it says connected with the green arrows going back and forth, but the “Firmware Upgrade” button is still grayed out???


Have you tried restarting the computer then trying the up?  What version of the firmware do you have installed?

I have rebooted the computer and still the “Firmware Update” button remains greyed out.  Sorry, but thanks for trying.

Stange , if it asks to slide the lock, perhaps they mean, plug it when its on then slide the lock?

Okay, somehow I think I have the right version…Thanks, Suzanne