E 280 Firmware **bleep**-up!

I have an E280, and recently heard about firmware updates, and thought -what a good idea!

So in my ignorance, I went along to the site, and downloaded the UpdaterInstaller, and ran what I thought was the firmware update for my player, and in the process I seem to have crippled it! (

many folders vanished, and those remaining are either empty or oddly named and apparently corrupt)…

-Question is, is there anywhere I can get the original firmware file for the E280 8GB?

thanks for any help!

-desperate Bill.

You know what version of the E280 you have? I will be able to help seeing i’ve done it before

wow-thanks for the speedy reply SkullAbyss !

after posting this I found an older thread about ‘recovery mode’ which had a link to a couple of firmware files from Netron Bob…  

-I gave those a go with his instructions and it’s all back together now!

-Thaks for the help -I’m soo glad I found this forum!


No problem. I take it you already got the original firmware in place already?

I’m not sure!  -but the BL_SD_boardSupportSD.rom and PP5022.mi4 files did the job!


That’s good to hear. and u did do ur reasearch. I had to do that same procedure you did so i could get my E250 going till I hit another snag. so i had to make a file called sansa.fmt it did the job. Just save a blank gile using notepad and save it as the file name sansa.fmt and it formats the deviced back to it’s orginal format. To put it in go, it’s the same way like you would do the firmware

another top tip ! -there’s always more than one way round this stuff isn’t there?

-that sansa.fmt file sounds like a simple solution… but then they always are when you know how… that’s the tricky bit.

Thanks again,