Problem updating the firmware on my e280 v2 (8Gb) mp3 player.

A couple of weeks ago my player start working different, now takes awhile to shutdown and to turn 0ff.
When I plug into the computer shows that the internal memory is full, even though is half empty, shows
that total memory is 1.99 TB  and free space 3.71 GB.

The Sansa updater prompt me an updated  firmware version (3.01.16) mine is 3.01.14, then I downloaded, then I disconnect the player and when
is trying to update the firmware on the player it just shutdown and it doesn’t update the firmware, this happen all the time. If
I want to add some music files I can not listen to them because the player just scan all the files one after another and then
stop, so anyone can help me with this? I want to fix it without having to format the mp3 player, thank you very much.

Message Edited by oswaldodn on 03-30-2008 07:36 AM

I am not a Sansa Guru in that I do not work for Sansa.  I do suggest you format the player.  It will retain the OS to (as I heard) factory conditions).  My experience is (v2 player) .16a s/w SOLVED ALL PROBLEMS I was pissed about, although I did not have the problem you are encountering.  Also, d/l the new Media Coverter.  It really works (I think it is the .24 version).

Good Luck,