Do I really need to update firmware?

This is my 1st experience with a MP3 player, so be kind.  Just got a new e280, ver 1 = able to download songs from computer.  The player tells me I have version 1.02.12A.  I also downloaded firmware updater and it told me an update available but I did not have enough room - it required over 6 mg.  Why would I want to download this and have it take almost all of my 8 mg or space?  Is it really necessary?  Everything seems to be working OK.

I also have the same question.  Why do I need to download the latest firmware for my Clip?  It works fine.  Just curious.  btw, where is the thread about change releases mentioned in another thread - I can’t seem to find it.

There is a new firmware for Clip.
You can download Sansa Updater from SanDisk website and click the Download tag.

Newer versions of firmware are only released to:

1- fix bugs.

2- make the hardware work more efficiently

3- add features

If yours is working fine and you don’t want to download don’t worry about it.

BUT it’s usually advantageous to use the most up-to-date version.

I don’t know where Sansa hides it, but usually there is a list kept of what each version does/ why it was created…

So, when will there be an update to the v2 (and v1) firmware to correct the problems you read in the forums as if your customers are your beta testers?

Looking forward to yuor RE to tell me what is scheduled to be CORRECTED and the expected release date??? These type of questions and scheduling are required of all organizations in companies.

Looking forward to the “Sansa Professional” response.

Unfortunately, the firmware can’t repair all error but it would be easier if so. I see that we download 6 mb for only 300 kb of system file in your player (I have updated today in hope that my problem would be fix… better chance next time). iraisok, good question, but it’s the same for all the info things. I’m surprise how this forum looks like a software official site forum. Finally, I find that the mp3 players look to much like a computer (bug, firmware) for myself.