Firmware download fails

I have an e250, software version 01.00.12A.  I downloaded the updater program to my PC running WIndows XP service pack 3.  When I run the updater and try to download firmware and a manual, the download status bars progress all the way but then I get a message that the download has failed.  Same thing on several attempts, also when I didn’t try to download the manual, only firmware.  How can I fix this?

Update the firmware manually. The Updater is not only worthless, but a resource hog as well. And since there won’t be any further updates, you don’t need it.

The instructions for manually installing the firmware is in the firmware post that can be found here. It’s very easy, and faster than the Updater could do it anyway.

Hi LADave, any luck here if you were able to successfully update the firmware?