Sansa crashes WMP after motherboard upgrade


I recently upgraded my Windows Vista x64 system – motherboard, processor, videocard – and since then I’ve been having problems with my Sansa.  Now, when I start Windows Media Player 11 (WMP), and then plug in my Sansa 8GB, WMP quits, with the “Windows Media Player Has Stopped Working” dialog.  No other details are given.  Similar behavior is observed when I plug in the Sansa and start WMP afterward.  Prior to the upgrade, syncing was fine.

After the upgrade, I had to re-activate Windows, and the digital rights management (DRM) settings had to be deleted for Silverlight so I could play Netflix movies.  Many applications’ DRM signatures are apparently tied to the hardware configuration.  I suspect this is a similar problem, i.e. WMP has a file somewhere that is storing my old configuration, and when I attempt to plug in my MP3 player, it notices the change in hardware and dies.  The file may even be stored on the Sansa.

Anyway, I don’t mind formatting the device if need be, but I’d prefer to start simpler if possible.  Can anyone please confirm the problem and tell me how to reset WMP/Sansa for my new configuration?



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I was able to find a solution to the problem in the MS support knowledgebase.  I’ve linked two articles below, the one I used is included first covers newer versions of Windows.  The second one has essentially the same information, but it’s older.  Note that “individualizing the DRM system” is an important step.  Initially I left this step out, but it still didn’t work.

Newer link:

Older link:



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Kudos to you for figuring out the problem, and for posting the answer for any others who may face the same issue now or in the future. Good info.


god BSOD on Win 7 :(