firm ware update

since the new update most of the mp3 files i sync to my fav sansa changes to a wma file and does not play .why does it do that. it didnt do that before. 

and now when i try to sync music i see all the files when the sansa is connected to my computer it shows i have for songs then i disconnect and the sansa shows it has two songs not four. i connect it to the computer and it still shows all four songs. but i don’t get to hear them as the player shows it only has two

and like most things third time is a charm. upon formating my sansa a third time and slowly synching mp3 files everythings peachy again. weird bunch of glitches whew

turns out that what fixed my sansa was to reformat it and not do a firmware update. will be a long time until i try that again

Nice to see this working for you. I would choose reformat over firmware. I mean, as much as possible, one should never touch the firmware unless needed. 

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and yet it seems that is everyones first goto answer. update the firmware/drivers/whathaveyou. 

its not the answer that i look for. usually.

Personally, I like having an updated software–it’s supposed to be an improvement . . . .