I bought the 4 GB at Best Buy, but...

After charging it and downloading my music thru WMP, it says there is no music! I went into “My Computer” and it tells me that the Sansa player DOES have music. Now, I am thinking it may have to do with my WMP 9. Problem is, I have tried to download WMP 10 and my pc won’t let me…I have been at this for hours.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I forgot to add that I have Windows XP and use Mozilla Firefox browser with the wmp plugin.


If you have Windows XP, the running platform should support WiMP10 / 11.  This will give you the MTP option, allowing protected content and subscription media if desired.

Open WiMP9 and click on the Help tab in the upper left.  Then select Check For Updates.

Locating the WiMP10 / 11 update through the player itself may be the hot ticket.

Windows XP was shipped with WiMP9 originally.

If you have transferred files to the Sansa and they are not recognized, they may be missing proper ID3 v2.3 ISO 8859-1 tags on them.  These tags are embedded into the mp3 files by the media player.  If you do not have a live Internet connection when WiMP rips the CD, the database needed online for the proper data isn’t available.

Have you noticed, when ripping a CD, that the player magically pulls the track information and album art?  This is from the online database.

This can be fixed by downloading MP3Tag and looking at the mp3 files for proper tags.  If the Sansa can’t find your music, this information is missing.

See if you can update your media player, and try MP3Tag.  Once you have proper tags, all will work fine!

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