Help! I Can't Find A Few Songs

I recently bought another Sansa Clip 4GB.  I lost my previous one.  Anyways all of my songs are on Windows Media Player.  All of my songs transfered over (synched) to my new device except for 2.  WMP says that those 2 songs have already been added to my device.  However, it is not true because I cannot find them on my new Sansa Clip.  Any idea as to what is going wrong?

Thanx For Any Advice 

Sounds like a tagging problem. Under the various categories (Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, etc.), look for tracks listed as “Unknown”. This is where Sansas put files with missing tags/tags it can’t read. Use a program like MP3Tag to fix the tags and all should be well.

Be sure to set whatever taggin program you use to write the tags as ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin), if possible. This is the ID3 format most compatible with Sansa players.