Songs not on player

I have the Sansa Clip.  All of the songs I am putting on the device are saved on my computer as mp3 files.  For some reason when I sync it a couple of artists are skipped.  I tried just adding those artists and it says the songs are already on the device.  I have looked all through the player and do not see these songs anywhere!

Look and see if you have an Artist named “Unknown”. Are they there perhaps? If so, your player cannot read the ID3 tag. You’ll have to correct and/or edit the tags. The software of choice around here is MP3Tag. Set the default WRITE setting to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 format.

For more info on tags, use the Search function here. There’s about a gazillion posts/threads on the subject. :wink:

Nope, they are all tagged…

And are they tagged and saved under the above format?  The Clip can be picky in that regard.

An easy way to handle this, even if you’re not sure about the above:  with MP3Tag (a free tag editor), simply load your content and resave it, making sure the tag format is set to that noted above.  Quick and easy, and has fixed unknown issues for me in the past (when I was sure that the tags were just fine).