Music wont snyc

i don’t really understand why most of my music doesn;t sync, i have wmp 11 and all the requirements, but for some reason i always get this message:

Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

all my music files give this error…any help would be greatly appreciated, thnx. 

Windows Media Player is configured to handle those files loaded in its library only.  If you have mp3 files sitting elsewhere, WiMP can’t access them.

Get the file actively playing in WiMP before trying to use the application to synchronize it with your Fuze.

That way, the media player has found the file.

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k i did that but it gives the same error

How about some juicy tidbits about your PC and operating system.  Are you running XP or Vista?

The Windows Media Player version is important too.

Lastly, what is the troublesome MP3 file?

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system spec:

512 DDR Ram

2.5 GHZ

Pentium 4

128 mb ATI redeon graphics


Windows Xp proffisional Service pack 2


latest one, 11.

MP3 file:

One step at a time - Jordon sparks

its not just that file but all my files… 

So far, so good.  Now, the burning question is whether the MP3 file was ripped via Windows Media Player, meaning it’s going to be in the WiMP library.

Are you trying to sync in MTP mode?

With the sansa connected, go to My Computer and open the windows exploder window.  How is the Sansa listed, under “other devices” at the bottom of the list?  If the Sansa lists under “devices with removable storage”, the device is in MSC mode.

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its in MSC mode and the file isn’t ripped

Wow, it’s all quiet on the Western Front!  I was sure that some of the regulars would have a nibble at this one.  Sorry it’s been a few days overall, I’ve been working with file types and details for the Fuze and µSD card.

Let’s attack the WiMP issue first, and see if everything on the PC end is happy before synchronizing with the Sansa.  Does everything appear normal on the Sansa, meaning that all of the listed songs will play?  Leave the Sansa unplugged.

Open WiMP11, and have a look at the music library.  Click the Library tab and navigate through the albums or songs in there.  Double click on a few tracks and see that they play normally.  You can also right click on a track and pull up the “advanced tag editor” to see if the album art and track information is visible.

Now, let’s have a look at the mp3 files that cannot be accessed.  Where on the hard drive are they hiding?  Are the files transferred from another PC (as from a memory stick) by direct transfer, or are the files via the Internet (download), or p2p / filesharing like Limewire and all?

The file’s ID3 data (metadata for the WiMP application) may be gnarled up or missing altogether.  Download MP3Tag, and have a look at the file with this application.  After using WiMPs so-called “advanced” tag editor, MP3Tag will blow you away; I think of MP3Tag as more worthy of the term “advanced”.

Files from p2p are a hazardous animal, as the metadata can easily be blotzed from the start; you have no idea where those files come from.  The Sansa wants ID3v2.3 ISO data to catalog your music properly.  Try looking at a file that WiMP and the Sansa both play correctly to see what the tag is supposed to look like.

Once the WiMP application is working properly, you can play it safe and synchronize WiMP with your Sansa.  As long as all of your music is on the PC first, it’s safest to format the device, clearing out any cobwebs, and then synchronize using WiMP.

Your other options are to use drag and drop (but remember that files transferred in MSC vs MTP are visible only in the respective mode used for the transfer), or an application like Media Monkey to handle the transfers.

Let us know how the process goes!

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sorry for late reply, i tried that and seems like all the files are in ID3v2.3…but still wont snyc and the song that snyc before wont snyc anymore, my files are placed in my documents under my albums and some on my desktop. they also play normally on WiMP.  idk maybe this screen shot might help, if u want i can provide more screen shots.


idk maybe this may also help.


ahh forget it, the sansa was so **bleep** i just sold it to a friend for like $30…and bought a PSP im much more happier with that, i can put all my songs on it…im now regreting i ever bought the sansa fuze…