SANSA Fuze Crashes ALL Media players when plugged in

I have tried all media players WMP 11 , Win Amp, Rhapsody and all crash with the "Windows Media player (Winamp, Rhapsody) has encountered a problem and

must close"

I’ve uninstalled all 3 programs …and reinstalled…no help

I’ve uninstalled the Fuze in Device Manager and reinstalled …no help

The programs all work fine UNTIL I plug in the Fuze and I get the message within seconds.

My computer can see the device …but it won’t work with any of these programs …it’s got to be the Sansa

I’ve tried Autodetect and MSC and MTP mode with no difference

I have a Pentium 4 with 1 GB of Ram and Win Xp SP 2

PLEASE HELP …I’m getting desperate 

Are you connecting the player to a notebook pc? If so, is it plugged in? If it is a desktop pc, are you using a front USB port or one in the rear? Is the player connected through a USB hub? Have you tried connecting the player first, then starting the software? Is the player battery near empty when you connect it? If so, then let it charge for a while before starting. Have you tried just dragging and dropping files to the player using Windows explorer? I just drag and drop folders of files to the player without using a media player.

You have a wee conflict there: Winamp and WiMP11 are wresting for world domination.  The two apps will fight for control of the Sansa once it is plugged in.

Try running WiMP10, as rolling back will give you MTP plus no conflict with Winamp.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks for the idea …but Windows won’t let me rollback to a previous version.

I tried to reinstall WMP 11 and even that wouldn’t work.  Seems a necessary folder has been deleted somewhere.

When I try to roll it back I get the following message:

“It is not possible to uninstall WMP 11 because folders that are required for the uninstall have already been deleted.”

Any ideas on a workaround for this ??

Since you can’t uninstall WMP 11, how about uninstalling Winamp and Rhapsody? See if that will help.

Have you tried connecting this player to a different pc? If it works fine on another pc, then that would point to the problem being on your pc. If it doesn’t work with media players on another pc, then the problem might be the Fuze hardware.

One other thought. Are you logged into your pc as administrator? If not, then perhaps that might be the issue. Or perhaps some of your Windows permissions might be set incorrectly? Are you able to drag and drop files to the player? Do they show up on the player?

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Try this: Go to “Add or Remove Programs” from the Control Panel. Tick the “Show Updates” checkbox at the top. Now you should see “Windows Media Format Runtime” in the list - Uninstall it. Now just download/re-install WMP 10. 

It tries to rollback but says I must uninstall WMP 11 before I can uninstall the Media format runtime !

It’s a vicious circle !! Neither one will let me roll back or uninstall the other !

Only Microsoft could come up with this “Rubiks Cube” scenario !!

I’m almost positive that Winamp, Rhapsody, and WMP 11 are not the issue. But I do believe it may be that some files or a folder is missing that

would contain my DRM or permissions. Anyone know how to replace these ??

I am logged on as administrator

I tried connecting an old MP3 Player (Memorex) and Winamp and WMP 11 crashed witht the same message.

How do change the setting on Windows permissions ?? 

"How do change the setting on Windows permissions ?? "

Start, settings, Control panel, administrative tools, services.

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Reinstall WiMP11.  Then uninstall the other side of the equation, Winamp.

See what happens…

Bob  :wink: