Sansa Connect Wish List / Fix List

I’ve only had my Connect for a couple days and love it but noticed a few things I’d like to see added and/or fixed. Please add your own list to this thread if you found something you would like to be changed or added.


  1. Clock
  2. FM Tuner (non-WiFi)
  3. Configurable EQ instead of just the selection of preset ones.

Changed / Fixed:

  1. Move the lanyard connect to the bottom of the player. When you have it hanging from your neck it’s awkward to use with it hanging from the top of the player.
  2. When I added pictures to the player it doesn’t keep them upright. I have to keep rotating the player to view some photo’s. Maybe it could be fixed to auto or manually rotate the pics to always be one way (up/down or Sideways)
  3. MicroSD card that can be used to add more music space instead of just photos.

I’ll edit this as I get to use the player a bit more and find things that might make it a little more user friendly. I still haven’t gotten it to connect to my WiFi WEP. Won’t take the password or Key. I’ll keep working on that and post it if I get it to work.