Suggestion for Sansa Connect

I bought the Sansa Connect partly because I could put pictures on it also.  With the new Firmware they have added videos - which is very cool.

My suggestion is to let us organize our photos - kind of like we do on the computer - put them in folders, then be able to go the folder we are looking for (so I can group my pictures when I’m looking at them… if I only want to see my son - let me go to his folder and then show those only - just like the music is).

Also, for all the navigating on the Sansa, we should be able to wrap around on the list.  If I want to jump to an artist (or a song, or picture etc) that is at the end of the list, I have to scroll through the whole list.  I would like to be able to go backwards (or up the list) to get to the bottom quicker!  It would make life simpler!!!

Thank you!

I think organizing photos into albums is a great idea for all video capable mp3 players.

And scroll wrap would be nice on the Connect.

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