Sansa Connect and Rhapsody Help!

Well, My subscription tracks have just expired, and I cannot for the life of me get Rhapsody to “See” the connect player.  When I try to add the device to Rhapsody, the list of players by “Sansa” doesn’t contain a choice for the connect player.  Anyone have any idea how to get this working together so I can at least update my subscriptions?


I would first check to be sure your computer/Windows sees the device.  To do this, reboot the Connect, attach the Connect to your USB, then open My Computer and see if the Connect appears in the Window.  If it does, then open Windows Media Player.  If WMP or Windows doesn’t see it, then your MTP driver is broken and/or needs updating.  Once you do the update, it should show up in both Rhapsody and WMP.

Here is a link to a Rhapsody article that describes how to install/update the MTP driver: