Sansa Clip

I have tried everything I can think of buy my computer will not recognize the Sansa Clip.  I am not even able to load the software that came with the clip.

I have tried turning off the clip, putting the clip power button down in the hold position and then holding the select button when plugging in to the USB port…DID NOT WORK.

I have changed the USB mode to MTP…NO LUCK, then to MSC…still NO LUCK.

My computer has Windows Vista.

I did ALL the things below except for number 2 because the search could not find the hotfix: 

The most common reason for this problem is not having the latest Windows Media Player installed, or having a Windows OS version that is not supported by the Sansa player.

The Sansa players support Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista and above. If your operating system version is supported by the Sansa player:

SOLUTION 1 – Download and install the latest Windows Media Player

SOLUTION 2 – If that didn’t help, and you are running Windows Vista, apply the following hotfix - KB940199

SOLUTION 3 – If that didn’t help, download and Install the MTP Porting Kit (click here)

SOLUTION 4 – If that didn’t help, try connecting the device to the PC using MSC mode


Apparently, the hotfix was moved. You can now find it here.

Thanks…did that now but my Sansa clip still does not work??? Any suggestions???

Try a different USB port (if you have a desktop PC, use one of the back ports.  Don’t use an unpowered hub)

Try a different USB cable

Format the player (from within the settings menu)

It should just work in MSC mode, without the various hotfixes, wmp updates etc etc.  If you are certain you have put it in MSC mode and it isn’t working whatever you do there might be a problem with the player itself.

Summerlove has a good point: the Sansa will communicate in two different USB modes, and the drivers are different for each mode (practically speaking).

MSC mode involves a basic USB protocol, where the device iwll be recognized as a simple flash drive.  On the device, go to settings > USB mode > MSC, then plug in.  Open the device manager via right clicking on My Computer, and select Manage.  You’ll see the option “device manager” in the tree on the left.  Under Unicersal Serial Bus controllers, look for the Clip in the USB Root Hub below that.  You may see a yellow triangle flagging the device.

Right-click, and select uninstall.  Unplug, reboot, and then plug in your Clip again.  See if Windows will reinstall the correct driver for you.

Windows likes to hide devices in the USB root hub.  To find a hiding device, I like to click on each hub position, starting with the bottom one.  Click on the power tab, and the Sansa will show up there.  You can then select properties, then uninstall, or use the right-click method.

If you select MTP mode next, we’ll be using a different tack: the drivers are integrated into Windows Media Player, as MTP is a “virtual mode” that does many things in the background, recognizing and managing your Sansa as a media device, rather than a simple flash drive.  This allows the WMDRM-10 (Janus DRM) system for your device.  Whether you use Windows Media Player as the manager, it addresses your player in the background, even if you’re using Windows Explorer.

To repair the MTP side, do the same steps as MSC, with the exception of selecting Settings > USB Mode > MTP on the device, then looking for your Sansa as a media device higher up the device manager tree this time.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: