Sansa Clip Zip freeze after update library...

Hello, My Sansa Clip Zip (bought in december 2013 in France) doesn’t work since 2 weeks… When I switch on or off, the library update and freeze at the end of loading. I try to download the last firmware, but the download stop before the end. I travel for 2 months and I can’t exchange it with my warrantly. Could you help me please ? If I install rockbox, my warrantly is still available ? Thank you !

There’s something in one or more of your ID3 tags that the player can seem to read. That’s causing the freezing.

I tought about this. So I deleted all the files in folders AUDIOBOOK and MUSIC, but the problem still there… :confounded:

So you’re saying you’ve deleted all content on the player? Then it shouldn’t be hanging (freezing) up when refreshing the database as there is nothing to refresh.

You might try formatting the player which will insure all content has been erased and the memory space optimized. If you cannot get to the Settings menu because of the freezing to use the on-board Format option, you’ll have to connect to your computer and format it through Windows.

I’m on Mac OS and I tried the manual update but I can’t download the last version of the firmware. The download stop at 28%…

Could you verifiy your download link please ?

I don’t think it will help, but the latest firmware versions for all SanDisk players are located in the Sansa Firmware Thread.

I still think you need to fromat the player, check your ID3 tags with a program like MP3Tag and then re-load them onto your player. There are many reasons why your player may not be able to read the tags, or have problems with them. Wrong format (needs to be ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 ), Anything located n the Comments field, strange or foreign characters in ANY field, excessively long titles or Artists (as in the case of some classical music) and very large (or wrong format) of album art is embedded in the tag are some of the most common causes.

One other possibility:

Macs can tend to not play well with non-Apple devices.  In transferring files, for example, an Apple device can leave behind administrative “ghost” files that can choke the non-Apple device.  There are various ways to eliminate the ghost files, including the use of the software Hidden Cleaner to transfer files from a Mac.  Perhaps this will prevent your issue–do let us know what works for you, to help other Apple folks.

It works ! I format the device and it’s ok :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help !

Great! But please heed Miikerman’s warning as well. Getting Apple products to play nice with others usually involves


Formatting will eliminate those pesky Mac “ghost” files, along with everything else being deleted on your player.  A way to avoid them from the get-go:  Hidden Cleaner, referenced above.