Stuck on Refreshing Memory

Help please!  This is my first Sandisk product.  I got the ClipZip, I upgraded to the latest firmware and verified it loaded.  I have a MAC and am an iTunes user.  I loaded about 20 songs and confirmed everything was working.  I loaded about 4 meg of songs, and the player hangs on Refreshing Memory and I can’t get past this.  I’ve deleted off two songs purchased from iTunes, hoping that was the culprit (most of my music is downloaded from CDs to iTunes),  Still no luck.  Is there a search I can do to locate and delete files that may be causing an issue?  This is so frustrating.  I actually took the first one back to the store and got another - thinking it was the player.  (Which maybe it is…)  I have deleted off all the songs and reloaded about 4 times.  I tried to ichat with support but no one was available.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

A few things:

1.  You could try loading the songs in small batches–when the player freezes, you know that something in that batch has caused the glitch; and then repeat with that batch.  Unfortunately, a bit tedious.

2.  Perhaps, though, the “real” issue:  when you transfer files from a Mac, the Mac can create “ghost” admin. files on the Clip (as well as other non-Apple devices, such as audio/video players and cameras) that can choke the device.  The solution:  use Internet freeware to transfer files from your Mac, which eliminates the ghost files.  Suggestions:  Hidden Cleaner; KopyMac.

Hope this helps-- 

And don’t forget to empty your “Trash” before disconnecting the player.

Thanks for your suggestions.  I tried the Hidden Cleaner, but it had no affect.  I took everything off, and reloaded in small batches as you suggested.  I did pretty well, but after I70 songs it got stuck and I’ve spent the last 30 minutes taking off songs, and still no luck.  After 4 hours of messing with this tonight, I give up.  Also, somehow the music icon is now blank.  I noticed that when it freezes, it puts a file Metapath.sys in the root directory.  Deleting it has no effect.  I thought I could make this work, but after messing with this for about 8 hours, I give up.  Back to Apple/iPod for me.  Thanks again for your response.

Two other thoughts . . .

1.) What USB mode is your player in? It must be in MSC mode to work properly with a Mac.

2.) iTunes-created tags are sometimes not easily digestable by Sansa players. Most of the time ( > 90% ) when you have a hang-up or freeze on the Refreshing Media it is because it’s encountered an ID3 tag it cannot read. Also the progress bar is not a totally linear representation of the refreshing progress/process. It may in fact just be working normally, but because you don’t see any movement you think it’s stalled or froze.

There are I’m sure, thousands (if not more) people successfully using the Clip Zip with their Macs. There has got to be something unique about what you are doing, or the files themselves that is causing the problems. This may be of interest or help. The Zip has so many advantages over the pods, that you shouldn’t give up so easily.