Sansa Clip- Won't start

For Christmas I received a Sansa Clip- worked beautifully until earlier today.  I was listening to a song when all of a sudden it started having audio problems- the sound would come and go as if there were a loose connection with the ear buds (although I fiddled with them and that did not appear to be the problem).  Yes, these were the ear buds supplied with the Sansa Clip.

I thought- this is odd, so I tried to do the soft-reset holding down the power button for 15 seconds.  Voila- my clip turned off.

I tried turning the clip back on… nothing happened.  Tried another soft reset… again nothing happened.  My next guess was that the battery was dead- it had been showing half full but I figured perhaps the battery monitor was incorrect- it had seemed like a while since I had last charged the battery.

So- I got home attached the clip via USB to the PC and… nothing.  Tried turning it on while connected via USB… again nothing- tried resetting while connected- still nothing.

Whilst the Clip is attached to the PC I get two extra drives show up in Windows explorer a “J” and a “K”.  “K” says it is missing a disk- “J” says it needs to be reformatted.  Upon reading some threads in this forum I determined that I needed to reformat and install new firmware… so I said “yes” when it asked me if I wanted to reformat.

Vista returned the message “cannot format this drive”.

So, I’m stuck- either the memory is dead in my clip- the battery is dead- or the clip is just dead dead dead.

Any suggestions?  Anything else I can try (other than using a sledge hammer).

I seem to recall reading that the clip has a year warranty.  I have all the original packaging, etc.  I don’t have a receipt as it was a gift- but I’ve had it less than 3/4 of the warranty time- would I have any success trying to get it replaced (assuming there isn’t a way to fix it).

Is there a hard-reset on this thing?  All I know of is the soft reset where you hold the power button for 15 seconds.

Anyone else had this problem?

Sorry- this is probably the longest posting on here but I wanted to include all the details. 

Couple of thoughts:

–  If you haven’t done so, try connecting to your computer with the Clip in hold and connecting the USB cable while you hold the Clip’s center button down; that sometimes seems to work.  Then leave it to charge for 4+ hours and see if that helps.

–  Try recharging using AC power, or leave the Clip connected to an on computer for 4+ hours; the charging might kick in.  Try using a “principle” USB port/try different ports on the computer.

If worse comes to worse, contact SanDisk; I beleive that the Clip still has been out for under a year, and so warranty proof shouldn’t be an issue.

Good luck–wish I could tell you more–

Thank you, tried the above except charging from AC power- need to locate something to try charging with and then I’ll give that a go.

Unfortunately your other suggestions didn’t work for me.

Here is something you can do. 

1.  Leave the device in OFF mode

2.  Slide the power button into HOLD position

3.  Press-n-hold the center button & connect it to PC & keep holding until the device shows “Connected”

4.  Double click on “My Computer” & see if you can see the device as a removable disk (i.e. drive F, G, etc…)

5.  Now, once it’s connect as a removable disk (i.e. drive G), then go into DOS mode on your windows by pressing Win + R or press on “Start > Run” and then type in cmd to go into DOS mode.  Once, you have open up the DOS windows, please type this in to format the device completely:

format g: /fs:fat /a:32k /y

if your drive is different than g, just change it.  Once you’ve finished the formatting, unplug from PC & see if it will fix your problem.   Also suggest upgrade to latest fw

yes this happend 2 me yesturday it will only work if i have the usb in the mp3…

HEADS UP, new option!

I spent a few days on this in utter frustration, tried everything anyone has suggested. My Sansa Clip 2GB was toggling back and forth between connected and disconnected. Drove me nuts and I ordered a new one and started sending flame to the person on bought this one from on eBay.

Turned out to be: THE USB CABLE!

The USB cable that shipped from Sandisk is bad, flaky connection. Turns out the previous owner ignored it because it’s so short. Used another longer one. I switched to a new cable and the Clip works perfectly!

So if you are getting weird behavior, especially irratic or a change in behavior, swap out the USB cable.

I’m running into the same problem.  However, when I try to format via DOS, I recieve the following error ‘Cannot open volume for direct access’ 

Mine was dead as a doornail - No Display, No device as far as USB was concerned, tried different cables, and tried the steps above.  Nothing.

My battery was not low when it cut out, it just stopped.

Then I found another suggestion that worked, and my device is back up and running (only 4 months old).

Disconnect the unit from any cable.

Hold the Power On slider UP for 20 seconds.

Let it back down, wait 3 seconds

Turn device on normally.

Mine had not hung with low power, so I can see that you might want to leave it plugged in for a bit, then try the steps above if you think your battery was low.

This was a thread from 2008 and your suggestion was a soft reset, which the OP had tried many times.  Really not worth the bump.

ive had this problem with my clip many 3 times if the usb wont jump start what you want to do is hold switch ON and hold home button. the problem is there is a currupted data on sansa best way to fix it is to re format it i recomend before reformating to back up songs on another flash drive etc. then restore to device. also another symtom of when you hit list  down directional button it goes off- there is definatly data damage to the device and thats when you want to format it

forgive me for the intrusion but ive noticed that if you own a xbox ps3 or cpu and connection screen dosent apear that you can connect the device to there and hold the power into on and home for 15 - 30 seconds and it will start up. isnt that do to the data files or curruption as well?:dizzy_face: