Clip won't power + can't be formatted

This clip I purchased in August 2009 and stopped working last week. It won’t power on. It had approx 50% remaining charge. When I plug it into my computer(s), it gets recognized as a USB device ( WINXP & WIN7) & then Message comes up "You need to format the disk in drive G: before you can use it.   Do you want to format it ?  ( Options provided are : Format Disk   … Cancel

If I chose to format - then another screen pops up - Format removable disk … with several boxes of default settings. No what what settings I choose to format, I always gets the response:

Windows was unable to complete the format.

Note: The removable drive doesn’t show up under My Computer.

Any help or further suggestions??  I’ve tried all the reset options ie. holding down the center button greater than 30 seconds, leaving it plugged into the computer greater than one hour, leaving it plugged into an AC adapter USB charger etc. 

Thanks if there are any other thoughts that might be worth trying. I’m ready to send this back under RMA if nothing works.

RMA it, sounds like it’s broken.

If you don’t mind losing the content on the Clip, you could try a reformat from the Clip’s settings, and see if that clears things up.  And also, reapplying the firmware (it could have become corrupted)–see the sticky thread at the top of the forum.

I don’t mind losing the content if I could only get the Clip working again. It won’t even allow me to format/reformat unless you have trick way of making it format.

It’s possible that the File Allocation Tableis corrupted on your Clip.  I would give the chkdsk utility a try, or under My Computer, use the manage function.

Manually force an MSC connection by starting with the Sansa Clip turned OFF.  Slide the power switch down to the HOLD position, then hold the center button depressed while plugging in the device.  Be sure to keep the center button depressed until the device wakes up and connects.  This should take less than 30 seconds.

Here’s a view of the manage function for a related FAT corruptionerror message.

Once the FAT is restored, you  should be able to format the device.  For a device larger than 2GB in capacity, be sure to use FAT32 (for the 2GB you can use FAT).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

After doing a live chat with Sansa Support, I was given an RMA. Nothing was going to bring this clip back to life.

jbfd wrote:

I’ve tried all the reset options ie. holding down the center button greater than 30 seconds . . .

You’re already getting a new one through the RMA process, so I add this only for your future knowledge (and anyone else that may come this with the same issue).

Holding down the center button for 30 seconds does nothing. You probably mis-read or confused the reset procedure; holding the power sliding switch in the uppermost position for 15 - 30 seconds. :wink:

In addition to a reset, you also could try forcing an MSC mode connection, and see if that helps:  with the player off and the on switch set to the hold position (so the orange shows), hold the center button down while connecting to your computer.  That sometimes can fix matters.

I’m new to this site but i’ve had a sansa clip for a couple years now and it never gave me problems till recently.I would like to thank both jbfd and neutron_bob.THank you!

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Received my replacement RMA Sansa $gB Clip today complete inside a brand new package, thanks Sansa.