FAT Corrupt > won't power on.


While initially loading my device with files it got stuck refreshing media files.  I held down the power switch for 15 seconds to restart the device and when it powered back on it gave me an error saying FAT Corrupted, please attach to PC.  I did that but nothing changed and my system told me I had attached an unformatted drive.  I unplugged the device from the computer then plugged it back in a few times and nothing changed.  Now my device won’t power on and my system says it’s an unrecognized device.

Any suggestions?


Can you connect to your computer; right click on the Clip drive; select Format; and then reformat the Clip that way? I believe you do it as a FAT32 formatting, if I recall correctly–others, please correct me here.

Turn off your Clip+, or start with the device off.  Press and hold the power button 20 seconds, release, then try powering up again.

If the device will not restart, beginning with it OFF, press and hold the Center button while plugging in to the USB port.  Right click on My Computer and select manage.  You can select the Clip+ and try “check the device for errors”; this procedure will attempt to repair the FAT.  If unsuccessful, you can then format the device from Windows, use FAT32.  Disconnect the device, and see if it restarts normally.

After formatting, it is best to optimize the device memory by using the Format function on the device itself.

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i did this technique of right clicking on my computer and managing. it is the only way i was able to format this device. it does work.

I was listening to my clip+ when it went off and wouldn’t turn back on, even when I plugged it in the computer via USB so I  held the center button and plugged it in my computer via the usb and it turned on. So thanks for tip. I don’t have a currupt FAT, but I’ used the advice to be able to recharge my clip + so it also works if it suddenly turns off  and won’t turn back on or won’t recharge via USB connected to the computer.

@litlbit2001 wrote:

I don’t have a currupt FAT . . .

Thanks for that update, I’ll be able to sleep better tonight. :smileyvery-happy:

Actually it just happened again and this time what I did didn’t work so I held down the power button and the home button and it turned on. LOL. I also made sure the power save button was on off and the sleep mode was off too. My clip+is only a month old I guess.