Clip+ wont power on and PC only sees a external drive

I have a clip+ that wont power on. I’ve tried the soft reset and hard reset nothing. When I connect to the PC it only sees it as a drive. It tells me it has to be formatted but cannot complete the format. It doesn’t give me the option for fat32 only fat default. I cannot open to see if anything is on it. I have read the other people having this problem but I cannot format thru the settings because it wont power on. The Sansa updater doesn’t recognize it is connected. I thought about doing a manual firmware update but where would I put it?. Help…

Fat default will be fat32 for a drive that size. You update firmware manuall by simply copying it to the root of the drive and then powering up. Since you can’t power the device you’re out of luck. Do the format from windows and see what  happens. If nothing works call Sansa, if it is withing warranty get a replacement.

Is there a step by step guide also in updating the firmware?

@dwaynnyt wrote:
Is there a step by step guide also in updating the firmware?

In all firmware posts if you care to read it.

The firmware upgrade sticky threads, at the top of the various forums, provide firmware upgrade step-by-step instructions.

I tried to do the format by windows quick and complete and it said there was an error and could not complete. Anything I try to do says I must format first. Is there anyway to format besides windows? I cant power on so can’t get to format screen in the sansa.

You might try another formatter utility and see if that works; it sometimes can . . . .