Sansa Clip+ Will only turn on in forced MSC mode, and only when plugged in

So… this is a weird one. My Clip+ died AGES ago. I decided recently to try to revive it.

At first, every time I plugged it in, it would say it wasn’t recognized, or that it needed to be formatted. I believe this is what happened when it was in the default mode. Windows would only detect a drive with about 30 MB (instead of the 3.6 I knew was free).

So, SOMETIMES if I get lucky, I can force it into MSC mode and the computer will see all the folders in the device.

I did a format, then unplugged the device. It still kept it’s display, so I know it’s not a battery issue. I then navigated to the Format option on the Sansa device itself. Did the format, great.

Plugged it back in, dropped the firmware update into the root folder. Unplugged, said it was updating. Then…nothing.

It’s basically right back to the way it ways. Usually I plug it in, Windows doesn’t recognize it, or only recognizes 30mb.

If I can force it into MSC mode (which is a crap shoot it seems), the display will come on saying it’s connected and charging. But nothing else.

It seems like something is totally corrupted, but I wiped as much as I could and put in the new firmware and… nothing. It’s just as broken as it always was.

What other options do I have?