Sandisk Clip+ will not turn on and canot connect with MSC mode - help!


I have loaded a rather large FLAC file onto my sandisk clip+ and it appears to have screwed it up!

When i press the power button it just freezes on the opening screen - when i assume it is refreshing the database?

I have tried holding the centre buttun as i connect to a PC in MSC mode but again nothing happens?

Any ideas anyone???


(sandisk clip+ 8gb model)

Hld the power button down for at least 30 seconds to reset the player.

Still no luck, held power button for over 30 second, then conencted to pc holding centre button, nothing just stalls on sansa logo on the second opening screen.

when i just turn on  it does exactly the same, stallson the logo??

any ideas

I’m having exactly the same problem, although I don’t have a large file to contend with. I was playing an audiobook which has a lot of small files. All of a sudden the power went down and I haven’t been able to get it started up again. I thought perhaps I might have accidentally locked it, but it didn’t respond at all.

Doing the 30-second reboot thing at least brought the screen back but like yours it got stuck on the fan-shaped picture.

I held down the middle button and plugged it in. The computer is only reading from my memory card and claims that the Clip memory needs to be reformatted before it can be used. I disengaged the memory card, and put it in another slot to check it. Now the computer thinks it can’t be ejected safely because another app is using it.

“My computer” (Win 7 32bit) is now not responding. Lovely.

OK – just unplugged it from the computer… “My Computer” is happy again. But now the Clip doesn’t turn on. I held down the power button again for 30+ seconds… not even a fan, now.


Held the power button AND the middle button down for 30+ seconds. Why not… Hm, it rebooted!

The files are definitely corrupted. At first, it didn’t want to read the disk, then it hesitated and gave me a directory listing. So, OK, I’ll need to reformat. I went to turn it off and it’s hanging on the “goodbye” screen.

<tries trick again… no luck>

Yup. Stuck with the fan, not able to connect to the computer. Meh. I was listening to a mystery and I want to know who did it!!

Wow, spanky.

With the device connected to the computer again I held down the middle button and the power button. I got a “hey man, you need to reformat this, ya wanna?” pop up. Sure! Let’s do that.

But sadly it’s unable to reformat, and this is where I say YARGH!! and give up for a while.

I still having nothing with mine, despite holing every button down.

I think its just really poorly written firmware from Sandisk.

Anyway am returning mine and I think I will put rockbox on it instead! can’t be any worse!

good luck with reviving your sandisk

yep. same thing’s been happening to mine for 2 days now.

i left it sitting off for 3 hrs, turned it back on and it worked. connected to pc and it constantly connects and disconnects, rendering it impossible to add or remove more files.

p.s. whenever i have a microsd card inserted. it gets stuck at refreshing media. and if i leaving it off, inserting the card, connecting it to pc, and then turning it on, it doesn’t even respond.

i would send it back for a replacement, but i can’t find my original packaging materials with the warranty papers and stuff.

i’ve been using this sansa clip+ for about 7 months

You don’t need your original packaging, etc.–just, presumably, your receipt showing purchase date (U.S. warranty–1 year; EU–2).

really? just the receipt? awesome!!!

and what if it was an online purchase from an electronics store, like newegg (as opposed to ebay or amazon or one of those general sites)? 

same deal?

Should be.  And Newegg is a perfectly respectable online seller.   :wink:

Note that refurbs generally have a lower warranty.


well. turns out i bought it new from newegg in May. apparently i’ve been using for a shorter time period than i thought. i guess i use it soo much, it just naturally feels like i’ve had it for a looong time.

ok. back to the question at hand.

since it’s from newegg, how will i go about sending the clip+ to sansa for a replacement?

and would i need to send the earphones that came with it too? because i discarded those almost as soon as i got the player. i enjoy the clip’s amazing sound quality with better ones.

i greatly appreciate the help :smiley:

Great to hear.  Simply telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this, for the arrangements–I believe that they’ll send you a prepaid mailing label with which to return the player to SanDisk; likely, they won’t ask you to return the earphones as well.  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information:

just got off the phone with them.

paraphrasing the technician:

said something about sending it to the army? to determine if it’s ‘worthy’ of replacement.

i think that may be because i said it had scratches on it. dunno. whatever. long as i get a working clip+ i’ll be fine.

gave me an incident id # and i got an email, which i replied.

later edit. turns out he said RMA not army :stuck_out_tongue:

realized it when the tech guy called back and said the full title instead of saying the acronym :smiley:

ok. quick question.

i now have an RMA label. 

but. i don’t have a bubble package to place the clip+ in.

do i just buy one somewhere like ups, put the clip in, and place the label and ship?

sorry. i’ve never RMA’d anything i bought before.

i’d greatly appreciate the help

You can just use a padded envelop

You can buy a padded envelope at a drugstore/office supply store (Target, Staples, Walgreens, etc.), and put the Clip in that (I’d wrap it in some bubble wrap or padding inside the envelope as well, to protect it).  Or, perhaps better, just mail it in a small box with some padding on the box, again to protect the Clip.  You don’t want the Clip to show up at SanDisk in pieces …

Yep, you can put the Clip in a padded envelope (you can buy a padded envelope all over–UPS, the post office, drugstores, office supply stores (Target, Staples, Walgreens, etc.)), and then I’d wrap the Clip in some bubble wrap or padding inside the envelope as well, to protect it. 

Or, perhaps better, just mail it in a small box with some padding on the box, again to protect the Clip.  You don’t want the Clip to show up at SanDisk in pieces, and you probably have a small box around that you can use …

aaahhhhh. ok. thanks.

on a side note.

what happens if it does show up at sandisk in pieces? :dizzy_face:

The reason to use a small box with padding:  best not to find out …