Sansa Clip Updated...Volume low

My Sansa Clip updated a couple days ago, and now the volume is not very good. I’m not a complete idiot and I never have it on max volume as it would damage my ears after a while :dizzy_face:, but now I don’t have the choice to turn it up! I fear it’s the EU regs inteferring, grrrrr…we’re losing our freedom everywhere. The HUGE issue with this is that I use my mp3 player with a portable powered speaker when I’m out in the garden etc, but now it’s SO quiet with this speaker with everything on full that it’s completely useless! Before, it was loud enough without the player levels or the speaker levels on full.

I really need to get my old firmware back or restore the factory settings, otherwise I’m sending this useless thing back, and my beloved speaker too.

Can anyone help? :cry:

Message Edited by feza on 03-19-2010 02:48 PM

Oh, and there’s a new Replay gain/Pregain thing appeared…and it appears to do nothing atall :cry: