Sansa Clip suddenly stopped being recognized or charging

I have had my 2gig clip since late fall of 2007.  Over the last month, it has been displaying some odd behavior - namely, when I plug it into the wall charger that has been working fine for 2+ years, instead of staying on and charging the batter, the clip insists on going into ‘writing’ mode - and drains the batter instead of charges it.  For a while, it would work if I unplugged and plugged it in a few times.

It still worked fine to plug into my computer and move files/charge until today.  This morning when I plugged it in, I got an unknown device warning.  I unplugged it and replugged it, and it recognized the Clip.  I run windows vista 64bit, and have been since August with no problems with regards to the Clip.

Because of the trouble, I checked for a firmware update and updated the Clip, just to make sure everything would work properly.  The update went fine.  But now the computer refuses to recognize it at all.  I don’t even get an unknown device popup.

I’ve tried different cables, different USB ports (ports that work fine for other devices).  I’ve tried MSC, MTP, and Auto detect mode.  The clip lights up when I plug it in and gives the standard writing/connected screen, but the battery is not moving like it is charging, and no charge is accumulated.

My husband has a 4 gig clip, which I had plugged into my computer yesterday and transferred some files onto it for him.  But given that I have had other issues with my 2gig, I don’t know if they are related.

Is 2.5 years as long as one can expect this device to last?  Are there other things I should try - would formatting the device help?

Also, the clip is now freezing on disconnect from the computer, and my husband’s computer fails to recognize it either.

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Reformatting under the Clip’s Settings often can help when nothing else works.  I would try it (but, it will delete the content on your Clip).

Reformatting didn’t work.

I have a netbook running windows 7 starter edition, which also does not detect the clip when I plug it in.

alijubilee wrote:
Reformatting didn’t work.

Arghh–did you try a reset as well (holding the on switch upprmost for 15-20 seconds)?

alijubilee wrote:
I have a netbook running windows 7 starter edition, which also does not detect the clip when I plug it in.

Have you tried setting the Clip’s USB mode (under Settings) to MSC mode?

Yes, i tried resetting and all three of the USB modes.

inexplicably, the sansa hooked up to my computer with no issue on the first try this morning.


Good for you!  You might want to try reapplying the firmware and then reformating from the Clip, to clear away any issue as much as possible. 

I don’t want to do anything that might make it confused again!

I thought you might say that, and understand it.   :wink:

I’m having the same problem with my Sansa clip.  It suddenly can’t connect to my PC.  I’ve tried everything listed in this message chain so far with no success.  (Reformatting the disk, it was already using MSC, resetting device, different USB cable).  I can charge it with a stand alone charger and play what is on a mini-SD card.

The PC first did a popup that it was an unknown device and couldn’t connect.  Now just silently ignores it when I plug it into any of the USB ports.

Can you try to force a connection?  Clip off and the hold switch set (so that you see the orange under the switch), hold the center button of the Clip down as you connect your player to your computer. 

Sorry if I mispoke.  I have a Clip+, not a Clip.

Ah. Likewise try to force a connection by connecting the Clip+, when off, to your computer while holding the center button down. (I’ve always assumed that this process works for the Clip+ as with the Clip, but I’ve never tried it–I’m assuming the Clip+ should be off when you try this, but you could try it with the Clip+ on if the off-start doesn’t work. Also, with the Clip, you do this with the Clip in a hold state, as noted above–with the Clip+, you could try that variation as well.)

Hey, also try using a different USB port and even a different computer, if one is available to you. Also, if you have been connecting via a USB hub, try connecting directly to the computer. And if a laptop, try using a back port rather than one on the front of the laptop–the back ports can have more power.

Tried the connection while holding the center botton, both from powered off, and from on hold, and it still no connection.

Also tried using two other computers with no luck.  :frowning:

Sounds like your cable might be bad.

I tried a different cable, and it didn’t help.  I borrowed a friend’s clip+ and verified I can connect it to my computers ok.  And we verified he can’t connect my clip+ with the computer/cable that work ok with his player.

Perhaps contact SanDisk for assist?  By any chance, are you within the warranty period, for a warranty replacement if needed?

In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: