Sansa Clip stopped registering

Okay I have had my Sansa for a couple months now but recently it stopped being recognized by my computer.  I don’t know why its done that, I downloaded the Firmware updater and that didn’t do anything.  Is it busted or is their something Im overlooking?

You said you use the Firmware updater but did it update though?  If it cannot update, search around on how to get into MSC mode and how to put bin file in the directory to upgrade to the new firmware and see if that will fix it.

Also try other USB ports on your PC.

I don’t think updating is a problem.  I just got my Sansa to register today.  I had it plugged into my pc for awhile, and it suddenly registered.  It seems to be working fine now.  I dont quite get what happened

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That may be due to the Clip being plugged into a low-power USB port.  Experiment a few times, try plugging the Clip into a different port, and see if it behaves differently.

On many PCs, the high-power ports are on the back of the PC, and the low-power ports are (unfortunately) on the front.