Unable to open my clip

I’ve owned my Sansa Clip since December 2007, in which time I have grown to love it. However, after not hooking it up to my PC for a couple of weeks, I decided to add some more music to it. Well, my computer won’t recognize the Clip. It asked me to install the software for it, and I don’t have any. I tried switching the USB ports (there are 2 in front) but that didn’t help. I’m not sure what to do. Other than replacing it, what else can I do? (On a side note I did download the firmware update but it is not working because my PC wont recognize the Clip.) I also have Windows XP Service Pack 2.

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Did you install something on your computer in those couple of week?

How does it show up in the Device Manager?

Do you have the latest firmware installed?  FIRMWARE THREAD

try this…force into MSC mode.

Put your device in LOCK mode by sliding back the power button on the side…then press-n-hold the center button while plugging in your PC…if it’s connected, do a firmware update

Sorry I should have mentioned the force MSC section in the thread I provided since your device is not being recognized. 

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KMC2005 - Thanks so much! That worked, to install the firmware. Do I need to do this everytime I plug in my sansa? Because when I just plug it in, it does nothing. But when I follow your instructions it opens the sansa.

No, once you update your firmware to the latest version, on the device: Settings > USB Mode > MSC.

The USB communications mode is selectable. The “manual method” is useful to force an MSC connection, or on a device with the early 1.01.11 firmware (these early ones had no selectable MSC mode in Settings). 

Follow the instructions in the Firmware 1.01.29 thread: download the firmware file, unzip it, and drag the .bin file into the root directory of your clip.  Once you unplug, the firmware will update.  Next, select your language on the device, then go to Settings and select MSC. 

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not opening the file

@harshvadan wrote:

not opening the file

If you genuinely want help, you will have to give more details than this. Contrary to popular belief, we are not mind-readers. :wink: