is my Sana Clip dead?


For the last 2 days, my 2 Gb Sansa Clip have gone bonkers… then dead (I guess?).

Initially there were some pauses in the middle of the songs,(I could tell it was not due to the headphones because it usually jumped a few seconds ahead). Just touching the Clip would make it work fine again.

Then, after about one day, it went dead (or almost).

Now usually when I try to start it it doesn’t do anything (though sometimes I hear in the headphones that it has power - there is a sort of click when started). Sometimes is shows the “Sansa”  name then the logo (flower?) but… nothing else. When charging, again it susually shows nothing, sometimes however seems to behave normally (charging and “Connected”) but the PC does not recongnizes it (USB device malfunctioning - not even the Sansa updater sees it).

I really like it - is there any chance to fix it?



PS my Sansa Clip is quite old -about 5 years…

You certainly got your money’s worth out of the player!  I hope my sansas last that long.  :smiley:

It does sound as if the clip is in it’s final days.  Still, there’s some troubleshooting steps that you can take.

First, try to force a msc mode connection to see if the computer can recognize the clip.  With the player off, slide the hold switch down to lock.  Then press and hold the center button while you connect the device to the computer.  If the computer doesn’t recognize it right away, sometimes continuing to hold the center button for a while will force the connection.

Once the PC recognizes the player and you can access the internal memory, manually reinstall the firmware.  You can get the firmware download with instructions on how to do it here. 

See if that gets the player working again.