Sansa Clip Sport does not turn on

So i just got my new Sansa Clip Sport, opened up the package and plugged the player into my USB port to download some music.

However the player does not turn on, or rather it hangs.

On the screen there is the “SanDisk” logo but it does not proceed to start up.

Furthermore, I can NOT turn off the player. A reset (holding the button) does turn it off while I hold the button, but when releasing the button it immediately starts back up to the SanDisk logo, where it keeps frozen.

If I plug it into the computer, he tries to install drivers but it does not show up in the explorer and in the device manager it’s an unknown device.

I have tried all combinations of resetting with and without power, plugging it in to another port etc.

BTW I own other SanDisk players which work fine.

Did I buy a bricked device?

Sounds like you got a defective one. I would contact whomever you bought it from and exchange it.

How long are you holding the button to reset it?  You might try 30 seconds or even a minute or more.