Clip Sport will no longer turn on

I purchased my Clip Sport not too long ago, and everything was working great at first.  Every so often, I would have to re-import a song, because it would sound garbled the first time, but would be fixed upon re-upload.  Today, when trying to add new songs to the player, every new song added was garbled.  I tried refreshing the device and re-importing the songs, no change.  I tried updating the firmware with the Updater tool - no change.  I tried deleting all of my music and then formatting the device, which made everything worse because now any new music I imported would sound garbled when played, and no amount of re-importing would change this.  I then deleted all music from the device and shut it off, and then it would not turn back on.  I held the power button down for over 3 minutes - nothing.  When I plug in the USB and plug that into my laptop, my laptop makes a noise recognizing that something was plugged in, but the device does not turn on, and my laptop treats it like a flash drive.

Is there any hope for fixing it?  I have never had such trouble with my old Sansa - I had to get a new mp3 player because it would no longer hold a charge.

It may be defective. Contact SanDisk directly about a possible warranty replacement.