Sansa Clip Sport / does not read FLAC / help


I bought a Sansa Clip Sport, however, does not play FLAC files. Can I count on?

message: “File format not supported”

software version 1.17

Thank you in advance



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can you upload one of the files to drop box or something similar and post a link?

If they are 96hz/24 bit (or the so-called “high definition” FLAC files some sites are selling now) they won’t. That format is not supported by most of the players out there.

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Realizing that this thread is four years old, I came here because I’m having the same issue (although the player isn’t saying the file’s not supported, it just won’t show the files at ALL).   However, in answer to your statement, I have two Sports, and one plays these files fine.  The other does not (exact same files).

What Firmware do you have installed in your two Clip Sports?

The most recent Firmware 1.43 for the Clip Sport has a fix for FLAC ID3 tag information not being displayed correctly.

ALSO, can you access the “missing” flac files using FOLDER Mode?

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I have 1.43, which I updated to before posting my problem.  I can access the missing flac files using folder mode.  It’s a very cumbersome way to do so, since it doesn’t show the song names, it shows the filenames.  Which totally screws up play sequences if I want to play alphabetically by song title (which I do, since the random function seems to skip a ton of music).

This morning I did some more investigating and discovered that I had all the music in the Music folder on the memory chip, on the Clip which isn’t working properly.  On the Clip which works properly, I have all the files at the root level of the memory chip.  So I cut and pasted all the files to the root directory.  No change in behavior.  If I go to the Card, all I see are the non-FLAC files.  If I go to Folder, I can see all the files.  On the properly working Clip, I can see all the song names if I go to Card.  

I put both players next to each other and went through each and every menu item.  They’re configured exactly the same as far as I can tell.