I have a new Clip Sport Plus.

It does not play FLAC files.

The support document at https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/14130 clearly indicates that the Clip Sport Plus supports FLAC as my previous SanDisk players did.

I get a “filetype unsupported” error when I try to play FLAC files that worked on other SanDisk players. I checked the sample rate, bit rate, and bits per sample of my files. I even downloaded a test file that meets the specifications exactly.

My new Clip Sport Plus had the latest firmware but I downloaded 2.12 anyway and updated. The about page shows 2.12B.

How do I get the device to frecognize FLAC files?



FLAC works no problem for me with the latest FW. If you have not updated the FW make sure you do that first. If you still have issues can you share a few files so we can look at them?