File format not supported! - Sandisk Sansa Clip Sport 8GB black doesn't play flac

Hello, I have a problem. My Clip Sport doesn’t play any flac files from internal memory and from micro SDHC too. File format not supported! appears on display. Other audio formats play without problems from both memories. Fw. version is 1.17. I tried Restore and Format, but no change. Can anybody help me?

It’s got to be somrthing with the FLAC files then. With what program and settings were they created? Or were they downloaded? Note that if they are the HD 96 hz/24-bit variety that format is NOT supported and they wil NOT play.

For example: (WANING) - Always Ending, bought on Bandcamp, 6 tracks, bitrate 509, 749, 768, 488, 744, 873 kbps, sample rate 44,1 kHz, 16 bit. Sansa can’t play it. Higher bitrate can’t play too.