SanDisk Clip+ 8Gb not recognizing FLAC

Greetings, I have just purchased a new Sandisk Clip+ 8gb player and have given it with the 01.02.15 firmware update (via the automatic installer). Unfortunately it still won’t accept/recognize FLAC files when I try to add them from my PC, though it is accepting mp3’s. I did check the device itself to make sure the update installed correctly and on the settings screen it confirms version 1.2.15A. Is there anything you can you recommend for me to try? Thanks for any assistance. ~Watsisname

Maybe it’s something about the FLAC files. My 8GB Clip+ plus a 32GB card are loaded with 100% FLAC files and I haven’t experienced any problems whatsoever…

Hmmm… I’ve tried with a large variety of FLACs and always I get the same result, it’s not recognized. (I find it does this with OGG files as well). So if it’s a problem with the files then I’m stumped as to why. I suppose my next question would be “Should I try reformatting the player and do the update again?” Obviously I’d lose the songs I have on there now, but that’s no biggie if it fixes the problem. I just want to make sure that reformatting wont do any sort of irreversible damage to the player. Thanks again for the help.

Are your files 16 or 24 bit? Sandisk players don’t support 24-bit FLAC. There may be a similar limitation on OGG files.

Update: Problem Solved! I needed to have the USB mode set to “MSC” instead of “Auto-Detect”. That would probably also explain why my PC never popped up a notification for finding new hardware until now… whoops. Oh well, once again I really appreciate your folks trying to help. Now that I have it working properly I am extremely happy with the sound quality this little guy is giving out. :slight_smile: @gwk1967: I’m using almost entirely 16bit, good to know it doesn’t take 24.