Sansa Clip + SD Card Seating issue (Shows up as empty)

I had to buy a replacement Sansa Clip+ and was getting nowhere with adding songs on the external slot. After reading these forums I came across a post that said that it was a seating issue. Sure enough after inserting the card while holding my fingernail slight under it in place, I was able to get the card to recognize the card. 

However, this does not work 100% of the time and I have to redo this over and over until I find just the right spot. My hesitation in returning this is going through the frustration of returning it and then having another one that has the identical problem.

I can guarantee it is not the sd card as I am still able to pop that into the old player and it registers right away. Additionally, I would like to point out that the new clip is different.

  1. There is a slight size difference. The new one is slightly larger and that may be the cause of the seating issues.
  2. The front of the old unit just has “Sansa” and the replacement says “SanDisk”.

My question is, is there anyway to get one of the older units or has that been stopped entirely? If not, Is Sandisk going to address the seating issue in future models?

Thank you.

Which “older ones” do you want? You can find them easily enough on, although the prices are not necessarily low, (I doubt that SanDisk will be “fixing” anything at this point–the SD card seating issue does not aseem to be an overall issue.) Note, also, that the players come with a warranty (1 year in the U.S., 2 years in the EU). If you’re still within that time period, I would contact SanDisk for a replacement–which the company is good about (even paying the shipping both ways, in the U.S.). Contact info.:

Amazon is where I bought it. There are two versions of the clip+, the older models (which do not have the seating issue) have just Sansa on the front of the unit. The newer models have Sandisk on the front. 

And I think the seating thing is not an issue because it’s not as known. I am curious to see the # of new units vs the # of older units that have the [Empty] expansion card problem. My previous 2 clip +'s which were the older models did not have this issue.

Again, if you’re still within the 1-year warranty period, I’d contact SanDisk and RMA it.