MicroSD card not fitting into brand new Sansa Clip+

Hi everyone,

I’ve had a Sansa Clip+, 2GB, for several years now. About a year ago I bought a Sandisk MicroSD card, 16GB, to supplement the capacity. My old trusty Sansa Clip finally died recently, so I bought a new one, exactly the same as the old one except it is a 4GB. I assumed I could simply transfer my MicroSD card from the old one into the new one, since I had quite a bit of music on the card.  Well, I just got the new player and it works fine… except I can’t get the SD card to stay in the slot. Whereas the card clicked right into place and stayed there (in fact, it was a bear to get it out), when I put the card in the new player’s slot it slides right out unless I hold it in place with my finger. When I do that, the player refreshes and I can see the music that is on the card in the player, but as soon as I let go it slides right out again. Needless to say, this is not ideal. Any ideas what could be done to fix this? Thanks.

Make sure you are pushing it all the way in–it has to catch the spring. 

If it won’t do that, and you’re sure it’s all the way in,  then it sounds like the card slot is mechanically defective. Return it to the seller or call SanDisk at 1-866-SANDISK. 

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Agreed. Give it a little push. My father in law also once got into this issue.