128-GB MicroSD card not working with new Clip+

My old Clip+ (black, 8 GB) was getting very long in the tooth, so I ordered a replacement off Amazon.  As far as I know, it is identical to the old one, but one very unpleasant difference has presented itself - it isn’t working with the MicroSD card that was such a huge part of why I had a Sansa at all.  It recognizes it, but after a media refresh I’m lucky if more than a single album shows up.  And that’s what’s so crazy!  It’ll just blow through the refresh in seconds, and when I navigate to the card, there’s either nothing or the tiniest handful of random, orphaned albums.  What happened?  I updated the new Clip+ to the current firmware (as I had done with the previous one); I made sure to replicate all the settings I’d set up before - I can’t imagine what would be causing this!

Quick closing tidbits:

The card is formatted in FAT32 with the same sector size as the player’s onboard storage (32,768 bytes).

A 64-GB card formatted the same way works with no problems.

I have tried refreshing the media in both MTP and MSC modes; the problem is the same in both.

There is ample space for MTABLE.SYS - I haven’t loaded any music on the Clip+ itself yet.

Rockbox plays from the card without issue, but its sound quality is horrible (at least on this player; I’m sure that other versions sound better), and its interface is a headache.  No thanks.

Hm.  Looks like running CHKDSK /F on the card fixed the problem!

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Thanks for the update–a good reminder.  :wink: