Sansa Clip+ only reading 32gb in 64gb MicroSD

I apologize if this has already been posted, but I am desperate for a solution at this point.

I recently purchased a Sansa Clip+ 4gb and a 64gb MicroSD card. As per instruction on many forums, I used FAT32 format on the card. However, the Sansa Clip+ info panel reads that the card supplies only 32gb. Am I missing anything?


Might be a counterfeit card, or might just be that the program you used to re-format it didn’t work properly. What does it show as available/total space if you insert it in a card reader and plug it into your computer?

I bought it from here.

My entire music library (45gb) fits on the card, yet much of the music does not show up on the device.

If I had not used FAT32 format, would the card just not work? 

@zachary123212 wrote:


My entire music library (45gb) fits on the card, yet much of the music does not show up on the device.


Then why, if you have sucessfully transferred 45GB of music to the card, do you say it’s only reading 32GB? Sounds like it working to me. More likely is the fact that the Clip+ (and all Sansa players for that matter) have a database limitation, which you have probably exceeded. That’s why it’s not seeing or displaying some files.

If I recall correctly the database limit on the Plus model is +/- 5000 tracks, depending on length of titles, images embedded in the ID3 tag and other criteria. If this is the case, and you’ve exceeded the original firmware’s design, the only option to you (in order to utilize the full capacity of the card) is to install and use Rockbox (3rd party) firmware.

Hi there, what does the limit really stand for?
Is it like songs in the library? any single piece of data in the library?
I was wondering, because I wouldn’t care about library limits since I am using folder navigation. Would the clip+ also limt the “titles” in the folder navigation? Why should it?

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