Sansa Clip / Rhapsody to go licences

Between me and my 2 kids and husband, we have gone thru a zillion MP3’s in this house.  Recently both of my son’s MP3’s broke and I bought Sansa Clips for Christmas.  I really like them and I might even trade in my creative zen micro for one.  All I really want is small and simple.  This is key.

Here’s the problem.  Christmas morning, my son fires up Rhapsody and immediately tries sucessfully to transfer to go tracks.  I was nervous because Rhapsody has never been very friendly for us, so I truley didn’t think this would actually be “plug and play” once the new device was installed.  Worked perfectly.  We go out for Christmas day, and not 6 hours later the device is not playing songs and telling us to sync and update track licences.   They are supposed to last 30 days.  More likely a few days but 6 hours is rediculous!  Is anybody else having that problem?

I think the licenses might have been wrongly updated.  Here is what you could try.  Go to your PC, deauthorize your PC and all the devices you have on your Rhapsody account and then restart your computer and authorize everything anew.  Once you’ve done that, reload songs to your device and then I think it should work.  One more step before doing that is format your device if you do not have a lot of music on it already.  Just to make everything clean.  Then you should have a better experience playing music on your device.