i just got a sansa clip and i cannot figure out the directions.  i have printed the manual out on my computer and have tried to go step by step with them.  i have registered for the free trial on rhapsody and it says down on the bottom of my screen that i am licensed until next month.  i am able to load songs onto my devise but when i try to play them my clip tells me that i need to synchronize to continue your music subscription???  can anyone help me and tell me what i need to do.  thanks a bunch!!! (this is my first device like this ever so i will need pretty easy to read instructions!!!, my workouts will be so much better!!)

Rhapsody makes you “check back” with the subscription service to make sure your songs are still valid (with your subscription). Usually you just plug the Sansa into the computer and the Rhapsody software will do its thing. Have you tried this?

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