Sansa clip reconditioned -

I purchased a refurb m300 sansa clip for a neat price of $20. As a first time buyer,i didn’t want to buy a new one…This refurb package didn’t have a manual. How do i learn about the functionalities of this sansa clip.

Also, i have many songs stored in a flash drive. How can i transfer the songs directly from the flash drive to this sansa clip ?

“m300 Clip”?

There’s an m200, but it’s an entirely different model than the Clip/Clip+. Whichever model you have, there should be a “User Manual and General Information” topic at the top of the board for that model.

As for transferring files from a flash drive, you can just connect the player and the flash drive to the computer at the same time and drag-and-drop files from one to the other, just as you do with any drives.

I bought this…the invoice says m300…

Should i return it  to ?? 

Nope–that’s a Clip all right, and a nice deal for $20 with free ship!  People rarely refer to its model no.–hence, the confusion.

At the top of this forum, there is a User Manual sticky thread–a kind of helpful manual is there.  Note that it has not kept up with the firmware, however, and so not all capabilities are listed there, especially as to podcasts and audiobooks, which may be covered further in that thread.

One thing to do now:  update the firmware.  See the firmware update sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Here’s the User Guidefor you.

That’s a good price on the 2GB.  Of course, as a reconditioned unit, there is no original warranty, but the device is pretty tough.  If you have any difficulties, feel free to ask here, as there are plenty of users willing to help.

You can add music to the Clip simply by drag-and-drop to the music folder, using Windows Explorer, or any one of many music manager applications.  The user guide describes using Windows Media Player.