Hey I found one of these little Sansa MP3

I’ve never seen one before but I found one and the crazy thing is I lost my Ipod the same day , so I’m keeping it but I don’t have any wires or instructions for it. From what I’ve read so far it’s called the Sansa Clip, and I’m guessing its a 2gb but don’t know for sure. What I need to buy to be able to plug it into my computer and upload music. It charges with my Razor phone charger but the music on there is terrible and I’m not sure how to change that. I live in Los Angeles so if anyone can point me to a store that can sell me the right merchandise and what that would be. Thanks for your help.

A USB > Mini-USB cable, the User’s Manual & access to this forum is all you need.

Well, maybe afirmware update too, but you’ll have to check what is on it first to know that.

Is it a Clip or Clip+? The Clip+ has a micro SDHC card slot.