i think i have a clip, but it doesnt work right

Ok i know i have a SanDisk Sansa 2GB, I THINK its the clip. I bought it for my daughter on eBay and had it working, but after she got it on her birthday, it doesnt work anymore.  I charged it and had it loaded with about 2 hrs of songs, then put in in a box and wrapped it for a week.  She hasn’t got to do anything on it.  It said something about an expired subscription, and then shut off.  I reset it, and loaded it again, but it wont show the songs at all.  It says it is there on my media player, but not the MP3, so idk.  Can someone help? The version is 01.01.11, thanks!

First, you really need to determine what model of player it is.  You can go to the SanDisk store and look at the player pictures, to see which it is (a Clip, a Fuze, etc.).  And then post at the proper forum.

From what you write, it sounds like the player was using songs from a music subscription service such as Rhapsody, which you don’t have anymore (generally, you need to have an on-going subscription to be able to play subscription service music).  I would try to start all over, by reformatting the Clip (if that’s what you have) under its Settings menu, which will erase any songs on your player, and then start all over again, and see if that helps.

Also, I would be careful with the source of your music–if the songs are protected by digital rights management and you don’t have the rights to the music, the songs won’t play on your Clip.

freeman_bunch wrote:
Ok i know i have a SanDisk Sansa 2GB, I THINK its the clip. I bought it for my daughter on eBay and had it working, but after she got it on her birthday, it doesnt work anymore.

One way to tell is . . . Does it have a clip on the back? If the clip looks a bit on the wimpy side and the control wheel on the front is round, you have an original Clip. If the clip on the back is much more strudry looking and robust and the controls on the front are square, it’s a Clip+.

You could always look back on the eBay description too. The description should tell you what you bought.

I’ve had the sansa clip for 2 years now. It’s a 4 GB. The problem with it is that first, I had it connected so it would charge on my laptop. While connected and charging I closed my laptop but did not shut it down. The next  I openned up my laptop and removed my Sansa Clip. Well when I went jogging mt Sansa clip would not stay on. It would start turning on and get to updating database, but as soon it got to half the way it would shut down automatically. This happenned about 7 times and then all of a sudden it would not turn back on. I have Tried resetting it for 30+ seconds. I have tried updating it’s firmware but after it’s installed, the installation wizard ask to remove my Sansa and reconnect it but then it shows that it needs to download the firmware again. Now, the only way I can turn it on is to have the my laptop closed but not shutdown. That way when my sansa is plugged to the laptop with the laptop closed, I am able to turn my Sansa clip on and search my music and listen to it. While in this situation I have gotten into my sansa clip settings and done reset all and after confirming if I want to reset all, I go back to the “reset all” menu. Also when I unplug the sansa from my laptop or pc the sansa clip shuts off rapidly. What can i DO?

Format it and start over.