Am I hopelessly stuck with the Clip?

I hate to seem rude, coming onto a forum and asking if there is any way to get my money back from Sandisk for the product that gets discussed on the forum.
But the Clip I got for my daughter doesn’t work with our computer. It seems to charge on my son’s laptop, but won’t do a thing on our PC (Dell, Windows XP SP2, latest WM Player). Won’t charge, be recognized, you name it. The new Sony I got my wife works fine with it, as does my son’s ipod. My son-in-law, an IT guy at this company, can’t do anything. Thinks there could be some corruption with Windows somewhere, but can’t get to the bottom of it. But once again, other players work fine. My son will soon take his laptop to college, so that option won’t work.   
It’s a cute little bugger and the radio isn’t half bad. But the battery lasted perhaps 3 hours after my son charged it and the sample songs somehow disappeared during the course of the day.
Is my $60 now in the category of something that I may have well just used to light  the fireplace?                               

I would suggest calling sandisk tech support so that they can help you resolve your issue. It may be a simple case of just uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling or trying a different port. If using a laptop make sure you aren’t using a usb hub b/c sometimes you will not get enough power since the hub is distributing the power of usb port to many usb ports.

If you have a store nearby, I would swap it for a new–it could simply be a matter of a defective unit.

If you have a store nearby, I would swap it for a new–it could simply be a matter of a defective unit.  My unit started up on a basic XP system without my even blinking.

ok chip, youre rite… altho clip worx on another pc, its probly trash–couldnt be that you overlooked the pc requirements and probable fix thats been posted here 5xs/day since xmas(there are finite fixes and they all get posted repeatedly to the same questions that show up by brand new ppl who dont wanna read any post that aint  directly to them)… and since you gonna throw it away, send to me and i ll pay for s/h–i ll give ya a lil somethin for yer trouble, then you aint stuck any more… and for whats its worth plenty of ipod users got their troubles too.  i own ipods since they first came out…

If I understood correctly, his computer meets the system requirements.

ok, if host is up to code, then mah bad (clerical reading error) sorry… if pushin cables hard, switchin ports, and the other hoops dont work, my rant still stands and so does my offer… you can look around in devivce manager etc… obscure things like drive letter naming conflix etc can happen , not likely… you also didnt say waht mode youre in… make sure youre in msc

Something else to try:

–  Reformat using the player’s option–this seems to sometimes help, from what I read here.

–  Connect the player to your computer under MSC mode and update to the latest firmware, and see if that helps.  To connect to your computer, put the player hold switch in the hold position and then press the center button down; while holding that button down, connect the USB cable between your player and computer.  Your computer should now simply show the player as a new drive, under My Computer, and you can drag and drop files to it.  Note that you cannot use Rhapsody and DRM (protected) music in this mode.  The latest firmware (.18) allows you to set this mode (Mass Storage Capacity) as the player’s default, so that you don’t have to use this “trick” in the future.  Use either Sansa Updater to obtain and install it, or follow the directions in the sticky thread above (it’s very simple to do).  Good luck!

Pardon my ignorance, amkoas. “It is what it is”, I guess.

I’ve been reading the posts, trying this and that, at least to the point when I get completely confused. I’m not computer literate and was hoping this player would be easy enough for a 55 yr old ‘dummy’ who basically just hangs around on the internet while on the PC. But again, my son-in-law is an IT guy and he is befuddled as well.

About this mode thing; can’t say that I’ve found ‘mode’ when checking the settings options. That had me scatching my head a couple of days ago. (It’s hopefully charging now, so will have to try again later.)

What keeps happening is that we get this New Hardware Wizard come up and then it eventually tells us that an error occurred and the device can’t be installed.

The mode option first appears in version .18, which you likely don’t have yet.  Hence, the need to use the “trick” I post above to connect to your computer (hopefully), to get and install the latest firmware, which hopefully will fix matters.

edit:  And it really is easy to use, once you’re over the initial bump which some people are facing for various reasons (no, it likely isn’t you!).  I had no issues connecting up originally.

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ok chip fair enuf… btw im quite abit older than 55, so the age card doesnt work here-- i dont believe in ageism… the IT guy probly poked around in device manager and found or not found clip on a usb port and disabled/reinstalled… did he leave in msc and reboot windows? does the thing show up on taskbar but not in my computer?  there are more hoops  but it would  help to know what he did/didnt do… you really should nt have to install new hardware unless he  disabled/uninstalled it from device manager…if you did see it in device manager what does it say, did he try to rollback drivers etc?..ADD kickin in … say what he did that you remember…so if its charging , now, what changed?

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Time for a big Woo-Hoo and a Yip-Yip-Yahoo. We got it going!:smileyvery-happy:

I’m not sure if the updater did it. We’d had that on the computer for days with no results. The pressing on the middle button seemed to be the magic elixir. I had tried that before as well, but the combination of taking the cable out and reinsserting and really holding the middle button down longer than we perhaps had before did the trick. So I’m now w draggin, droppin’, copyin’, pastin’ fool.

Thanks a million!

Now we just need to see if the battery will last a longer once the player isn’t being dinked around with so much.

thanx for the update, i knew it was somethin simple… also… uninstall the auto updater.  keep the running processes to a bare minimum…

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